If you don't have an Amazon strategy, you don't have a brand strategy


Why Amazon?

Amazon is the most disruptive, influential and dynamic engine in the history of retail.

  • More than half of consumers searching for products online start their journey at Amazon.

  • A majority of all new ecommerce growth in the US is being captured by Amazon.

  • Amazon Prime is retail’s most successful loyalty program with over 100 million members.

The customer's experience of your brand on Amazon matters. Amazon’s influence reverberates across multiple sales channels and share of voice on Amazon shapes consumer awareness and perceptions of products and brands.

Engaging Amazon is complex, frequently challenging and potentially costly. Brands can employ the Amazon platform to gain an edge over their competition and build brand equity, but it requires a deliberate strategy, thoughtful execution and specialized resources.

Why Indigitous?

Indigitous is an Amazon advertising and services agency that provides select brands and their investors with the strategies, services and intelligence necessary to maximize sales and marketing opportunities with Amazon.

Our Seattle-based team includes former Amazon executives and business professionals with extensive, relevant experience in ecommerce, advertising and branding.

Since our founding in 2010, we've worked with scores of brands and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales on Amazon. 

We specialize in the active lifestyle categories, including outdoors, sports, health & fitness, sports nutrition and wellness.